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October 23, 2017
Kyle Huitt

When Talking Heads Become the Minds of a Civilization

Jimmy Kimmel has become known in some circles as the moral conscience of America. Thanks to emotional outbursts about healthcare and gun-control, he has been catapulted from the realm of comedy and entertainment to the realm of public policy and ethics in the minds of everyday Americans. But what nobody seems to be asking is

October 17, 2017
Kyle Huitt

What Everyday Christians Need to Know About Apologetics When Their Beliefs are Under Fire

Christians are generally well aware of the fact that their beliefs are under fire. Many are even well acquainted with defending their faith through apologetics — the defense of one’s religious beliefs. But when you say “apologetics” to most people, what usually seems to come to mind (for better or for worse) is a defense

October 4, 2017
Kyle Huitt

Can We Please Stop Calling Intellectual Rejects “Woke?”

Let me start by saying that I have absolutely no problem with anybody of any intellectual capacity forming an opinion through earnest investigation, careful analysis, a sincere attempt to understand opposing views, and thoroughly questioning the position at which they arrive with the understanding that other people may do the same thing and arrive at

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