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October 2, 2017
Kyle Huitt

Think Carefully About Falling Back on Moral Relativism

“That may be right for you, but it’s not right for me so don’t push your beliefs onto me” might seem like a convenient escape out of moral confrontations, but people don’t seem to be as fond of this kind or moral relativism when they realize the consequences of it. The reality is that moral

September 26, 2017
Kyle Huitt

The NFL Controversy is What Happens When a Society Forgets How to Think and Communicate Rigorously

We are a society in which people hear a message and are more inclined to form an opinion based on preconceived biases about it than carefully evaluate the message to understand what is actually being said. We are a society that wants to be right rather than take the time to carefully define our terms

September 19, 2017
Kyle Huitt

A Perfect Example of the Problem with Facebook Philosophy: No, Jesus Was Not an Eastern Mystic &, Yes, “I” Exist.

When I say “Facebook Philosophy,” I mean people doing really bad philosophy but putting it into videos in which they over-enunciate enough words with an exaggeratedly confident tone in a flashy video with cool music so that people without the philosophical whereabouts to know better watch the video and leave with a warm, fuzzy feeling

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