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January 28, 2015
Kyle Huitt

Logic vs Theism: Logic’s reliance on the existence of God

You are a logical person, you are a free-thinker, you don’t believe in silly children’s stories; therefore, you do not believe in God. At least, that’s what most skeptics would tell you. After all, how can a logical person believe in something that cannot be confirmed with empirical (observable) evidence? The accusation is that believing

January 18, 2015
Kyle Huitt

Why Can the Gospels Be Trusted as Valid Historical Accounts?

While I was growing up, I remember being fascinated whenever I heard pastors and theologians talk of ancient historians such as Josephus and Tacitus who spoke of Jesus. To me, these accounts were the sole accounts that gave the existence of Jesus any credibility while the truth of the accounts in the New Testament had

January 10, 2015
Kyle Huitt

Is the Idea of God Just Magical Nonsense?

Magic is an indispensable component of Christian doctrine. God had to create everything somehow, it must have been through magic, the same silly kind of magic that we find in children’s books and legends. Whenever a Christian proposes God as an explanation for something, then they are proposing nothing more than mere magic which is,

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