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January 2, 2015
Kyle Huitt

How Should Christians Handle Moral Criticism of God?

The question of how evil and suffering can exist when there is an all-good, all-powerful, all-knowing God is one that has plagued theists for centuries (if not millenia).  Even the Greek philosopher Epicurus questioned how a deity that is concerned for the welfare of humans could possibly stand by and watch the suffering that goes

December 17, 2014
Kyle Huitt

Biblical Contradiction? The Genealogies of Jesus

Why should we believe the gospels if they can’t even get the origins of Jesus right? Matthew and Luke give two genealogies that contradict each other so much that there is no reasonable way to reconcile them. One of these fairy tales relates Jesus to David through his son Nathan, but Matthew claims Jesus is

December 16, 2014
Kyle Huitt

Aristotle’s Challenge to Darwin

The question of why there is life is so foundational to philosophy that it tragically almost seems cliché; nevertheless, it is a question that remains necessary to constructing a philosophical framework. At least as far back as Aristotle, this question has been closely tied with science, and, as one of the first people to do science

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