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December 3, 2014
Kyle Huitt

Are Faith and Reason Opposed?

In the midst of the 21st Century it is easy for a person to feel as though they are living in an age of unprecedented reason and skepticism that is causing the extermination of religious fairy tales. The likes of Richard Dawkins, the leader of the “Four Horsemen of New Atheism,” are quick to espouse

December 2, 2014
Kyle Huitt

Are Arguments Inferior to “Evidence?”

It is just as silly to believe in God as it is to believe in any other mythical beings such as fairies, elves, or trolls. Theists, and Christians specifically, may contrive clever arguments to make God’s existence seem more likely, but I could do the same thing for any other fairy tale being. When it

November 29, 2014
Kyle Huitt

What Is the Purpose of Mankind?

Recently in a conversation somebody told me that there is no logical way that a loving creator would ever make beings for the sake of their happiness while still giving them free will to ruin that happiness. They were, of course, referring specifically to the Judeo-Christian account of creation, and criticizing it because it seems

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