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August 21, 2017
Kyle Huitt

Christians, Can We Just Take a Minute to Laugh About “The Telephone Game” Analogy?

Way too often I hear people say that the New Testament can’t be trusted because it has changed hands so many times just like in a game of “telephone” (a game where a line of people whispers a message to the next person so that by the end of the line the message has been

August 19, 2017
Kyle Huitt

A Conversation on Faith and Doubt

What follows is a unique kind of post I have not done before. My good friend Daniel whom I had the pleasure of meeting in my college fraternity (rah rah Delta) asked if he could write a response to my post, “Just Trust Jesus” Is Not Always the Response to Weak Faith which was, itself,

August 17, 2017
Kyle Huitt

The Peril of Religious Apathy

If there is really a heaven, then we should be highly motivated to get there. If there is a hell, then we should be highly motivated to avoid it. If there is only one way to get to heaven and avoid hell then there should be some urgency in determining and abiding by that way.

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